Brain Pizza by Shane O'Mara
Brain Pizza
Let's Talk: How we use conversation to create our shared worlds

Let's Talk: How we use conversation to create our shared worlds

Podcast audio of the first in a series of vlogs

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This is the podcast version of the vlog based on the first chapter of my new book: Talking Heads: The New Science of How Conversation Shapes Our Worlds - it’s an invitation to try and see our world in new ways - I think you’ll enjoy it. And if you have read it, please leave a review on Amazon - good, bad, indifferent - I’m happy with all reviews.

  • '...a reminder of the enduring power of face-to-face interactions and conversations. It is a thoughtful book that might make you watch what you say.' ― Irish Independent

  • O'Mara delves deeply into the ways we use conversations to create our cultures and build entire nations ... There's a lot in it that resonates … mind melting in parts ― Irish Times

  • New Scientist: 'surprising, intriguing, enjoyable'

  • And Irish Times: 'delightfully well-written, accessible, surprisingly reflective and humorous'

  • Fascinating … The author’s lucid exploration of how we communicate stretches from neurons to nations… strikes an informed, accessible tone ... by placing a premium on clarity and using droll humour ― Sunday Business Post

Talking Heads - My new book

(Credit - from Unsplash)

It was nonfiction book of the month for August 2023 in Hodges Figgis, Dublin’s largest and oldest (1768) bookshop.

I don’t know when it will be published in North America (there is some movement on this), but I recommend you buy it through for delivery to the USA/Canada. I guess shipping will take an extra week or two.

Or better still: you can also order via your local, independent bookshop -the ISBN is 9781847926487.

Talking Heads is a Waterstones science book of the year!

‘Offering radical new perspectives on the ways we communicate, neuroscientist Shane O'Mara's luminous volume explores what happens in our brain when we talk and the wide-reaching effects of this deeply human activity on individuals, groups and societies.’

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Brain Pizza by Shane O'Mara
Brain Pizza
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